To continually evolve a space that provides free access to knowledge through various resources, activities and services that foster culture and promote the habit of reading and critical thinking in the community, guaranteeing equal access to information and education for every one


Provide digital support and resources with new technology for all. offer services and activities aimed at the entire community, making the library a reference point for information. 

Generate empowerment through participation with allied public and private organizations in order to  establish a library with a sustainable future. 


and innovation. 


Through a donation from the japanese government and in conjunction with the association of guiding interpreters of galapagos, AGIPA has worked for the last 20 years in the implementation, rehabilitation and equipping of the first and only public library in galapagos-santa cruz with cultural and multimedia services in the field of education and science. the library host scientific presentations, meetings and has collaborated with grants for community and environmental projects. the library generates many social benefits by promoting culture and education.

This library has continued all these years thanks to the support of the private company and work of AGIPA members.

Over the years the Charles Darwin Foundation has supported the library with technical assistance such as the coordination of activities and librarian training. 

In 2018 and in february 2020, thanks to donations from Yacht Aid Global, the library received a collection of 1500 books and an educational multimedia system with internet, computers, printers, projectors, educational games and screens, plus help with infrastructure renovation such as tables, chairs, lighting, shelves, computer support, security system, lockers, clean water, air conditioning, rehabilitation of the children’s area and bathrooms for children and adults, which were changed several years ago.

AGIPA contracts the services of Ivanova Alvarez as librarian. as such, on October 5, 2019 at 9:00 a.m., the library for Galapagos and the world began to provide permanent attention to the community. available is a billboard of services and listing of activities such as: room reading, courses, workshops and scientific talks. a month later, on December 6, 2019, the opening ceremony was held.

The library guarantees free access to information, promotes social, gender, race and socio-economic equality, and seeks to eliminate the limiting barrier of access to knowledge.